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Exit tax upon loss of Spanish tax residency

If you are a Spanish tax resident and are thinking about changing your tax residency to a different country, you might have a tax liability for unrealised capital gains. Binding consultation ref. V2959-19 explains the tax consequence for an individual ...
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Wealth Tax in Spain for non-European tax residents

Binding tax consultation ref. V0676-19 examines a case where a Mexican tax resident owns several properties in Madrid and its possible wealth tax taxation. Any individual – non Spanish tax resident – is taxed on assets it may own in ...
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Recent rulings on expats’ taxation

Property owners who receive rents and are tax expats will not disqualify as an expat Non-tax resident wishes to become a tax expat in Spain under the rules set out in the Spanish Income Tax Law, with the singularity that ...
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Taxation on payments made to a company’s director

A 23 April 2019 binding Tax consultation has clarified what retention rate must be applied to remunerations paid by a company to its director or board members when such company is part of a holding group. Salaries and payments received ...
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