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Arbitration & Litigation

We assist you in preserving your rights and defending your interests.

    The team has vast experience facing clients’ conflicts and disputes. Our main goal is to look after our clients’ interest in the best possible manner.

    We provide with a comprehensive and practical advisory, considering legal grounds and merits of a case and examine all possible outcomes.

    We create an ad hoc team based on the grounds of the case and specialization needed in order to provide an added value to our clients in their negotiations to reach a consensual settlement or whenever this is not possible, at court. Furthermore, when necessary, we assist our clients in taking decisions related to alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) such as arbitration and mediation.

        • Contractual and Tort law
        • Debt recovery
        • Disputes in relation to Commercial and Civil contracts
        • Contracts relating to Real Estate
        • Corporate conflicts and shareholders’ disputes
        • Estates and inheritance disputes
        • Injunctions

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