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From advising on strategy to resolving disputes, we advise on all aspects of personal and business tax. Plan and save with our team.

    Our tax department focuses mainly on two areas: non-resident and resident taxation.

    General tax

    We advise on tax compliance for non-resident and resident individuals as well as Spanish based companies and foreign based companies.

    Our tax practice is in many occasions, linked to our Real Estate and planning practice given the implications and tax liabilities that may be triggered upon transfer and purchase of real estate goods, its financing and ownership.

    International taxation

    We frequently advise on cross-border transactions and we are well aware of the issues that may arise when applying double taxation treaties.

    Our team is well experienced in international corporate structures and its restructuring. Our experience has provided us with a broad knowledge of the most relevant aspects to consider in the countries we usually work with, specially European countries, North Africa and Middle East.

    Municipal taxation

    We help our clients understand the different Municipal taxes they can come across in Spain, such as local rates (IBI), building permits, first occupation license, tree felling license, etc.

    Tax disputes

    We advise on tax dispute resolution before the Tax authorities and Courts in all different proceedings, inspections and third party tax liability.

    We lodge appeals before the Courts and Tax authorities; we request compensations to the authorities when necessary and litigate in cases involving tax evasion.

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